Challenge (Ages 12+)

Our robust Challenge program stands out from other classical, Christian programs or co-ops for two reasons: First, a single mentor directs all subjects. Second, students learn the unity of all subjects. In each program, one highly qualified, experienced homeschooling parent-director partners with students and their parents as a yearlong mentor in all subjects. Dialectic and rhetoric students need help understanding core subjects, equipping them to discover that all knowledge works together in an indivisible “universe” rather than a disconnected “multiverse.” We offer six Challenge levels that center around the timeless learning tools of the classical model.

The themes emphasized in the Classical Conversations Challenge programs address the relationship between knowledge and virtue. Both are essential elements of a good education. Our children are not machines to be measured and prodded; rather, they are God-designed humans that require tending and nurturing. Education that aims to cultivate a soul includes lessons that point the student toward virtue